Pest plants Mexican Daisy and Mist Flower are now found on Omanawanui Track, Whatipū, Karamatura Falls Track, Orpheus Bay Track, Gibbons Track and Beverage Track.

By Len Gillman on 17th October 2023

mexican daisy.jpg
Mexican Daisy

Mexican Daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) Family: Asteraceae (daisy)

Mexican Daisy forms dense mats and produces large amounts of seed that disperse long distances. It tolerates moderate shade to full sun, damp to drought condition and will grow in sand, mud, gravel, or tiny cracks in solid rock. It is most prevalent in our area on roadside and track banks.

Control options:

  1. Easy to dig or pull out, but ensure you get all the roots or it will regrow.
  2. Large patches can be sprayed with glyphosate (10ml/L + penetrant).
mist flower.jpg
Mist Flower

Mist Flower (Ageratina riparia) Asteraceae

Mist Flower grows very rapidly and densely, is long-lived and produces a large number of well-dispersed seed. It smothers and kills small native herbs and ferns especially on clay and rock banks. Stems in contact with the ground also take root in wet sites and broken stems can regrow into plants. Tolerates deep shade or full sun, salt, and wet sites. It is also poisonous. For some time it was largely under control due to biocontrol but this appears to be less effective now.

Control options:

  1. Dig or pull out and leave in dry sunny place so that the roots dry out or dispose of in a bin.
  2. Spray with glyphosate (20ml/L + penetrant).