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Andrew Legault with Kākāriki karaka/Orange-Fronted Parakeet, once New Zealand's rarest forest bird, South Branch Hurunui © Peter Young, Fisheye Films

Fight for the Wild Film Synopsis - Episode 1: Loss

Loss looks at the devastating effect introduced mammals have had on New Zealand's unique wildlife.

In the first episode of Fight for the Wild, we discover the incredible and unique diversity of ancient Aotearoa and how, since the arrival of humans, so much has been lost. We meet the three introduced predators responsible for much of that loss - rats, possums and stoats - and find out about the carnage they continue to weak on our native wildlife.

In remote Fiordland we watch kiwi chicks falling victim to stoats and in a hidden valley in Canterbury we meet New Zealand's rarest forest bird and the incredible efforts to bring it back from the brink.

"New Zealand is the country in the world that has the highest proportion of our native species that are at risk of or threatened with extinction. Right now, we have something like 4,000 species that are in trouble." Kevin Hague

"We are the curators or the custodians of a whole lot of wonderful species. The time is now and it's never been so critical. Many of our species are still declining." Andrea Byrom

"Are we going to watch these species disappear or are we going to save them?" Jan Hania