PFWRA Committee Member


Maj grew up in Belgium and graduated as an ecologist, with a PhD in the Yukon on snowshoe hares.

She started off with international activism and advocacy as a scientist and ship-based campaigner for

Greenpeace in Antarctica and then coordinator of the international IUCN Invasive Species Specialist

Group. Later she was New Zealand Head of Delegation at the Ramsar (Wetlands) Convention and

World Heritage Committee when working at the DOC International Team. Maj considers it a privilege

to have been able to see through the first kōkako translocations back into the Waitākere Ranges in

2009 as Ark in the Park Manager. She has also been Manager at the Rotokare Sanctuary in Taranaki,

and until recently was the Operations Manager for the Forest Bridge Trust in North Rodney. Her

interests include landscape based approaches, advocating for community driven conservation and

restoration, “translating” ecology and research into practical management, strategizing, and

developing partnerships and win-win-win situations. As a volunteer, she maintains advisory

involvement with Matuku Link, Friends of Okura Bush (North Shore) and The Forest Bridge Trust