PFWRA Committee Member

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Professor Len Gillman lives in Laingholm on the fringe of the Waitakere Ranges and is a member of the Drone Lab at Auckland University of Technology. He first became active in conservation in 1983 with the Native Forest Action Council and is a founding member of Restoration Ruatuna. His research interests include forest ecology, global patterns in primary productivity, species diversity theory, genetic evolution, polar ecology and conservation. He has field experience in environments from the Arctic to Antarctic and from tropical rainforests to tropical deserts. He has developed an ap for identifying New Zealand trees covering 230 species (available soon). He goes tramping with family and friends and has camped on beaches, mountain tops, Arctic glaciers in Baffin Island and on the Ross Sea Ice Shelf in Antarctica. He has climbed in the USA, Europe, Great Britain, Australia and NZ. In his spare time, he kills weeds.