Our goal is to reintroduce new bird populations, eliminate all predators in Cornwallis and to expand our trapping activity into Mill Bay and Kakamatua.

NZ Fur Seal at Puponga Point, Cornwallis © Jacqui Geux

Alex and Rose Duncan head up a team of volunteers undertaking predator control at Cornwallis, known as the Cornwallis Petrelheads. The group is also referred to as S.C.O.W. or Friends of Cornwallis.

An important beneficiary of the trapping programme has been the colony of grey-faced petrels at the southern end of the peninsula. These birds are largely nocturnal and burrow into the soft cliff face earth to create their nesting areas making them especially vulnerable to predators.

A concentration of predator traps around the nesting area has improved the safety of the young birds. Other native species also benefit from reduced predator numbers include piwakawaka, ruru, riroriro and even wetas.

New volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in helping to monitor the control lines, you can contact Pest Free Cornwallis for more information.